1. Research Focuses
       The strong research capability of the Center for Innovation in Chemistry continues to strengthen the foundation of the organization. The research direction is focused into three target areas.


 • Analytical Technology:
Development of trace analysis; Quality analysis of the environment; Quality and safety control of food and agricultural products, especially in the food export industry which will give the Thai exports competitive leverage in the world market – thereby increases Thailand’s competitiveness, which is consistent with the national strategic plans.

• Innovation in Bioactive Natural Products:
Utilization of the national biodiversity for the development of new drugs and improvement of health and living quality of the public; Encouragement for new innovation in herbal medicine by supporting the development of herbal products, as well as products from microorganisms and marine resources; Investigations of bioactive substances in plants using chemical biology and organic synthesis techniques to pave the way for new    specific drug targets and discoveries, which will serve domestic needs and promote the export industry.

• Materials Science and Nanotechnology:
Advancement in drug delivery, new materials and new polymers for medical and industrial applications; Development of novel catalysts and other compounds for alternative energy technologies such as bioenergy and solar energy, including cellulosic technology for bioethanol production, which will result in reduction of imported energy sources and enhance national energy security and sustainability. © | Privacy Policy