PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Jul-Dec 2017]
2017 Symposium on Chemistry for Creative Economy
The 5th NRCT-IFS-MU-PERCH-CIC Workshops: NRCT-IFS-MU-PERCH-CIC: Curent Trends in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Related Disciplines
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Jan-Jun 2017]
Assoc. Prof. Palangpon Kongsaeree
International Mini-Conference on Natural Products-From Basic to Translation (NPBT) 2016 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Naresuan University, on July 4-5, 2016
NMR Software Workshop
MUSC Research Forum
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [May-Aug 2015]
International Seminar and Workshop on Marine Natural Products
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Sep-Dec 2014]
2015 Mini Symposium on Chemistry for Creative Economy
National Proficiency Testing Plan 2015
Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Manat Pohmakotr
3RD NRCT-IFS-MU Workshops: on NRCT-IFS-MU Collaborative Research in Natural Products and Food Science
Driving Thailand’s Future with the National Centers of Excellence’s Research
The International Congress for Innovation in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC Congress VIII)
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Jan-Apr 2013]
The 2nd Taiwan-Thailand Bilateral Mini-Symposium: Chemistry for Creative Economy
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Sep-Dec 2012]
PERCH-CIC Newsletter [Jan-Apr 2012]
MUSC Research Forum: MUSC Innovation
Dr. Chantal Kahn Malek, head of the international collaboration unit at CNRS who plans to participate in the Franco-Thai Symposium on February 1-3, 2012, visited Prof. Dr. Vichai Reutrakul
The S&T Postgraduate Education and Research Development Office (PERDO) made an official visit to the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC)
Congratulations to the PERCH-CIC Coordinator for Mahasarakham University
Discuss about Academic Collaboration
The Signing of the General Agreement for Academic Exchange between National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and Mahidol Universit, Thailand
New Chairman of the Higher Education Commission
The International Congress for Innovation in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC Congress VII)
การประชุมวิชาการระดับชาติประจำปี 2553
National Research Universities
The Office of the National Research Counsil of Thailand (NRCT)
16th ICFIA
The development of new method to stimulate aroma resin from agarwood(Krisna)
Special Chemistry Seminar by Prof. Hidehiro Sakurai
Science at Mahidol University set a target.
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